The state of ecommerce revenue recovery in 2024

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The state of eCommerce revenue recovery in 2024

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In 26 days, through Noibu's script deployment, Home Hardware was able to uncover 11 checkout impacting errors, experienced by nearly 2500 users, costing the business $60,847 in revenue.
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In 14 days, through Noibu's POC, America’s Test Kitchen was able to uncover 8 checkout impacting errors, experienced by nearly 11,220 users, costing the business $33,314 in potential revenue.
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Over a 2 week period, Montblanc saw 3714 users impacted by conversion impacting errors. This led to 135 transactions lost and a potential loss of $39,109 in revenue.
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Thanks to Noibu’s script, Therabody found 12 checkout impacting errors that were experienced by 8,732 users. This led to over 120 lost transactions.
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Giant Tiger realized $45,022 in lost revenue after 18 days of Noibu’s trial. This was due to errors impacting nearly 3500 users.
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Global lingerie giant Hunkemöller, ran Noibu for 56 days. This resulted in 11 uncovered checkout impacting errors that caused 9,870 lost transactions, translating to €789,679 in lost revenue.
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This iconic Canadian brand uncovered 11 new errors after a 25 day trial of Noibu. This led to realizing $68,200 of lost revenue due to 682 impacted transaction.
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Simons, a Canadian fashion retailer, uncovered 17 new errors in a 17 day Noibu trial. This made their brand aware of 297 lost transactions from 1,486 impacted users.
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Oak & Fort ran Noibu’s tag for 18 days. This resulted in capturing 1,197 unique errors, of which 125 were revenue impacting.

Curious how Noibu helps eCommerce brands like Guess, Roots, Air Transat and Levi's recover revenue? 

Detect errors

Detect critical errors on your website and action in minutes.

Over 90% of website errors are never reported by customers.

Noibu monitors your eCommerce site and flags errors in real-time. Whatever the cause, nothing gets missed.

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Prioritize bugs that matter most

The combination of multiple plugins, browsers, devices, and customer activity can result in an overwhelming amount of website errors.

Noibu surfaces the critical errors that are hurting sales and conversions to help inform where your efforts should be focused.

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Reproduce and resolve errors in less time

Let developers resolve in minutes instead of days.

Without knowing exactly how an error occurred, developers can spend hours trying to replicate it. Noibu removes all the guesswork by providing detailed web session information for each error, and guidance to a swift resolution.

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Instantly find user reported issues

For the 10% of shoppers that do report their issues, it’s typically done with limited information.

Noibu helps you trace customer complaints to a session recording alongside other technical details to help diagnose and resolve the error.

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